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33rd Rescue Squadron wins 2009 Verne Orr Award

July 22nd, 2009
The 33rd Rescue Squadron here was named the 2009 Verne Orr Award winner recently. 

Established by the Air Force Association in honor of Verne Orr, a former secretary of the Air Force, the award is presented annually and highlights any unit, regardless of size, that excelled above all others in using its people to achieve the unit's full potential and accomplish the mission.

"It's an annual award presented by the Air Force that honors a unit for the best use of their resources," said Lt. Col. Sean Choquette, the 33rd RQS commander. "In other words, taking what limited people, what limited physical resources, equipment and such that you have and applying them towards the mission and accomplishing the mission. For us, that's combat search and rescue."
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